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Movement offers us the opportunity to access the wisdom of our bodies, to shift energy, and to practice the freedom of being with ourselves exactly as we are. I offer movement practice to support individuals in connecting more deeply with themselves while building loving and compassionate relationships with their bodies. I value movement in community as a way to bring us into connection with one another. As a dancer and human with a body that moves in many coordinated and uncoordinated ways, I offer movement activities of all types but primarily focus on yoga.
My Approach and Priorities in Teaching Yoga
Decolonizing Yoga
In the Western world, "yoga" can conjure up particular images that exclude the vast majority of the population (take a glance at the #yoga tag on Instagram and you'll see what I mean). I am of the firm belief that yoga is for everyone, NOT just for thin and able-bodied folks, for white people, for cisgender women, for the wealthy, for straight people, or for folks who can contort themselves into pretzel-like shapes. I offer yoga for all people while centering LGBTQ and BlPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) folks of all physical abilities.

As a South Asian woman, I am in the ongoing process of understanding what it means to practice and teach yoga in a way that centers access, that honors my ancestry and the roots of yoga, and that heals the wounds of colonization that permeate communities of color.
Safety & Accessibility
When we feel safe in our bodies and in community, we're able to more fully experience the moment and feel empowered to make deeply nourishing choices for ourselves including rest, play, challenge, exploration and joy. In teaching, I ensure I use clear language that supports people of all experience levels to access poses in ways that are safe, aligned, and work for their bodies. All bodies move differently, not in ways that are better/worse than others, and I support people in tapping into and trusting in their bodies as their greatest guides and teachers.
Practice, Not Perfection
Yoga, to me, is not about being able to achieve certain levels of flexibility/fitness or making our bodies perform in ways that are socially valued. When we approach yoga as just exercise, we can come into unskillful relationship with our bodies and selves, at times in ways that can lead to injury (both physical and emotional). In my yoga practice and teaching, I center the belief that we are already enough simply by showing up to our practice. The choices we make and the way our bodies move may be different than last week, and that's normal. I value holding non-judgmental space for yoga practitioners to show up in their fullness and humanity.
Let's Move Together
Classes & Trainings for Groups
Are you part of a group or organization that is interested in integrating movement activities into your event, training, or culture more broadly? Let's talk! I develop and facilitate specialized activities and movement-based curriculum to support wellness, connection, and professional development. I'm making these offerings by Zoom only until we are able to be in person together again, so I'm happy to work with groups anywhere in the world.
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