For New & Current Coach Partners
Welcome to Coaching with Meha!
I am thrilled to be working alongside you in this stage of your life journey as a liberatory coach. This page includes what to expect in coaching as well as some resources to manage scheduling and payment for your sessions. Before your first session, you'll receive a coaching agreement to complete and return by the time of your first session. If you have questions at any point, please don't hesitate to reach out using the following contact information:

Text: 213.700.7998

I'm looking forward to connecting and supporting you through this journey!

In community,

What to Expect
Coaching is a partnership in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires coach partners to live into the fullest expressions of themselves. It is designed to build awareness (mindfully exploring and tuning in to what is present), alignment (bringing together wisdom of mind, body and spirit), and action (moving forward with clarity and purpose) within coach partners. As a coach, I commit to holding non-judgmental space for you to bring forth all aspects of yourself, to asking empowering questions and offering reflection to journey deeper into thoughts and experiences, and to calling forth your power and readiness to move toward your highest self. Here are a few concrete aspects of how coaching may look and feel similar or different from other experiences:
Coaching with me does not require a compartmentalization of your different "selves" (e.g. personal, professional)
You are one whole human being, and I invite all of you into this process. What you bring to coaching sessions may be about work, family, community, and anything else that is part of your human experience. Nothing is off limits!
We are designing our coaching relationship together.
Part of our ongoing work will be bringing consciousness to the dynamics in our relationship and making choices that create the most supportive coaching relationship for you. I invite us both to reflect on and modify our coaching relationship together as we go.
It's your journey, and I'll be walking alongside you.
This means that you get to set the pace and decide where to go in coaching. I will offer tools, resources, reflections, and encouragement to support your journey, but I won't make any decisions or take any action for you. What happens as a result of this coaching process is both your choice and your responsibility.
Coaching with me is an invitation to depth.
When we are able to slow down and reconnect with our deepest wisdom, much more becomes possible for us and any action we take comes from a profoundly aligned and powerful place. We will always start coaching sessions with your agenda, and as we explore that together we may uncover deeper desires and opportunities within that. Please be open to the journey and surprises along the way. Know that I will continue to hold and return to what feels most important to you.
You are not entering coaching lacking or broken in any way.
While for some folks, a sense of dissatisfaction, stuckness, or misalignment is what drew them to coaching, we are not in this to focus all of our attention on diagnosing and "fixing" problems (what we might call a deficit-based approach). Coaching is about accessing the fullness of who you are, what you know, and what is possible for you. We won't avoid looking at the difficult stuff together, but expect opportunities to explore taking action as well.

Coaching tends to be oriented toward the present and future.
Stories of past experiences can be powerful to surface and share, and I take seriously my role to hold space for and bear witness to stories that need to be witnessed. I have also noticed how some stories can be ways that POC over-explain and justify what is on our hearts and minds. These stories can serve as ways for us to seek approval or validation. In coaching, I want to offer you permission to unapologetically speak your truth, and I may interrupt stories that seem to be holding you back from that. I don't need to know the full story to believe in you and support your journey.
There are practices and frameworks that may make coaching feel different from other conversations. I may invite you to try these and other practices on during our sessions together, and you always have the option to decide whether or not you do:
Movement and Embodied Practices
As a yoga instructor, I have seen and experienced the power of accessing the wisdom of our bodies, and how tending to our somatic experience can be grounding and healing. I like to offer invitations to movement and tuning into the body as a way to access that wisdom and power in coaching.

Creativity, Imagination and Play
Centering joy is a practice I highly value, especially in communities of color, which can often be heavy with the experiences of injustice. Experiencing levity and laughter can feel liberatory, and it can help us access new possibilities and mindsets. To this end, I will offer invitations to play with metaphor, imagine and dream together, and more.
Reflection: Questions to Consider
Please reflect on some/all/none of these questions in any format that works for you as you prepare to begin your coaching journey. These are intended to support you in clarifying what matters to you in building this coaching relationship and experience. I welcome you to share as much or as little of your reflections with me as you would find helpful to your coaching experience.
  • What drew you to coaching? What are you feeling most ready for, and what, if anything, are you unsure about?
  • What are some of the identities you hold (e.g. gender, race, etc.) that are important for me to know about you and how you navigate the world? How do these show up for you in your life? How might you like to explore and/or honor these identities in coaching?
  • What are some of your core values? On a scale of 1-5 (1 = not at all, 5 = completely), how much are those values being honored in your life currently?
  • In relationships where you feel most seen and heard, what are some things that contribute to that?
  • What would help you to know about me in order to feel connected and to build safety and trust in our coaching relationship?
  • How do you best process thoughts, feelings and experiences? What tools/practices (e.g. writing, movement) do you use?
  • If I were to offer you an invitation to take action in your life, what would make that invitation feel like something you are receptive to and up for?
  • What else do you want to share as we kick off our coaching relationship?
Payment Levels
Coaching sessions are provided at a rate of $200/hour or, if you have a sliding scale spot, at a rate between $30-150 per hour. Please see your coaching agreement for details on your fee level.
Paying for Coaching Yourself
If you are paying for coaching on your own, you can do so by Venmo or Paypal. Payments can be made as early as you'd like and should be made no later than 24 hours after the conclusion of the session.
Your Org Paying for Coaching
If your organization is paying for coaching, either through direct payment or reimbursement, please contact me to work out a payment plan and ensure you have an invoice and any other necessary paperwork for your organization.

If you'd like to discuss any other payment plans, please email me prior to your first session.

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