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Meha has an incredibly calm and grounding presence, which made me feel heard and understood during our coaching session. In addition Meha's curiosity and creativity led our coaching session into a place I never would've gone on my own, and gave me such a new perspective on how to go about my day to day interactions with people and how to see the horizon amidst the chaos that may exist in the present moment. It was truly an amazing coaching experience!
U, Coach Partner
Meha is a grounded, compassionate, and caring coach. In my coaching sessions, Meha has skillfully facilitated a safe space for me to unpack, understand, and honor challenging feelings and experiences. She has helped me tune into the wisdom of my body, heart, and mind and guided me to a place of being able to surface solutions and resources from within.
J, Coach Partner
I have immense gratitude for my coaching time with Meha! She created a safe space in which I was able to express myself freely and share without judgement. During our sessions, we explored new activities that allowed me to unpack what I was truly feeling and experiencing. Meha taught me valuable lessons on how to listen to what I am thinking and needing. This was something I didn't know I needed, thank you, Meha!
K, Coach Partner
Meha is a very skilled coach who has a deep understanding of both psychological and spiritual well-being. With Meha, I was able to clearly think through my personal goals and values and better understand the feelings and mindsets that get in their way. She has a very calm, grounding perspective and creates a nurturing environment to share, understand, and process emotions, thoughts, and desires. I highly recommend Meha and greatly appreciate her contribution to POC communities!
E, Coach Partner
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